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Divorce Financial San Francisco
10140 Roe Avenue
Overland Park, KS  66027
Don Blythe, MBA, CPA, CDFA
Financial Collaborative Mediator

Don is a divorce financial Collaborative mediator with extensive background as a Collaborative financial neutral, divorce options consultant, divorce financial planner, forensic accountant, small business valuation analyst and tax advisor.

Don attended his first International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) annual conference in New Orleans in 2008 during which the key-note speaker encouraged attendees to find a way to make Collaborative divorce financially available to middle-class couples in this country. Don took the speaker’s encouragement to heart then and he still takes it to heart after more than a hundred Collaborative cases over the last 15 years and now limiting his alternative-dispute-resolution practice to interdisciplinary Collaborative mediations for clients with children as a way of bringing the benefits of the Collaborative divorce process to those middle-class couples with children.

The objective in Collaborative divorce mediation is the future well-being of the post-divorce family by providing the support needed for the divorcing couple to uncouple respectfully, confidentially, transparently and affordably - affordably because the Collaborative divorce mediation process assigns tasks without duplicating effort to the right professional, at the right time and at the right hourly rate.

Don’s approach to Collaborative mediation, a financial mediator guides documentation of preliminary disclosures, characterization of assets and debt as to Community or separate and valuation of assets and their division. A family professional encourages clarity in a couple’s expressing needs and interests and mediates the required parenting plan. The family mediator can also be available post-divorce to modify the parenting plan as the children grow and develop. The divorcing couple will each engage a separate Collaborative attorney to consult with privately on what the law says and doesn’t say as a way to inform the final Collaborative mediated agreements which are not limited to what a judge might order but may reflect creative resolutions that work for the couple. The spousal and child support agreement is jointly mediated by the financial and family professional with the active involvement of the consulting Collaborative attorneys who then memorialize the final marital settlement agreement in the required format prior to signing and submission to the court.

Don is a past president of Collaborative Practice California, a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and Collaborative Practice San Francisco. He has been designated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants as a “Pathfinder” in the accounting profession.